Best Waterproof Coats for Working Cocker Spaniels

A waterproof coat is a must-have clothing accessory for working Cockers. With the amount of time they spend outdoors, it's important to provide them with protection against the weather elements. At DearPawFriend, we offer a variety of waterproof dog coats, some of which will be a perfect fit for your pooch.

Whether the Working Cocker Spaniel is working as a gundog or being taken care of as a family pet, it's important to find them a waterproof coat that's flexible and lightweight. These dogs love to move around so you don't want a coat that will impede their movement.

In addition to being flexible, waterproof coats with underbelly protection might also be ideal for Working Cockers, especially if you let them roam around freely. These dogs won't hesitate to go through muddy puddles or move in and out of hedgerows and bushes.

Chances are, the waterproof dog coats are going to get dirty fairly quickly so you should be looking for a coat that's easy to clean. That we can guarantee at DearPawFriend. Our dog coats are made of fabric materials that make it super easy to wash by hand (some are also machine-washable).

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