Walking Your Dog in the Rain - Yay or Nay?

This is really up to the dog owner. You will come across some groups that say it's perfectly fine to walk dogs in the rain, while others would say it's the worst idea ever and it will put your dog at risk of getting sick. It can be quite the conundrum, especially for pet owners in the UK who live in places that rain often.

We are in the former group. We believe it's fine to walk your dog in the rain as long as you make the necessary preparations. Here are some tips to help make the most of a rainy day's walk.

Check the Weather Forecast

Light to moderate rain conditions should be okay for dog walks. Heavy rain conditions? Probably not. Make use of the technology in front of you and check whether the conditions are predicted to be suitable enough for the whole duration of the dog walk. Check the interactive weather radar reports and monitor the directions the clouds and storms are heading toward. You wouldn't want yourself and your dog to be caught in a weather frenzy.

Put on the Rain Gears

Get your dog some high-quality raincoats and jackets. Make sure the raincoats are fully waterproof. Depending on where you take your dog out for a walk, you may want to consider raincoats that also provide underbelly and leg protection. It's important to keep your dog's fur as dry as possible to minimize any risks of sickness.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Your dog might complain about heading home so early but it's important to keep the walk short and sweet during rainy days. Raincoats will provide decent protection but it won't keep your pooch 100% dry. Clean and warm up your dog as soon as you get home.

Avoid Puddles and Mud

Avoid areas where your dog is likely to get himself dirty (no matter how much he may enjoy it). Muddy puddles will drench the dog's coat and fur. The puddles may also contain harmful pathogens that increases the chances of your dog getting sick.

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